Champion II


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Champion II
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Been playing since 2015 with an unknown amount of hours. (1000+ between consoles) Looking for a team for ranked matches and a competetive team for the next RLCS. Would also be interested in other tournaments. My ranks are champion 1-2 in 3v3 and 2v2. With a good team I could achieve GC in these modes. Currently GC 1 div 4 in rumble. Able to work on specific skills, practice with team, and help teammates improve on their skills. My playstyle is adaptable depending on those on my team. I am often the sniper and shot taker, though know when to reliably set up shots for others and defend. My best skills would be rotation and shot accuracy. Looking for a team that would be able to facilitate me and have enjoy having a great time playing RL.


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