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Join my RL team : DragonX International RL Squad, we are looking for talented players who are at least Gold 2 in duos, trios, or solo. WE accept only 50 players and some spots have been taken.DM me if interested. We play on different platforms such as Nintendo Switch, XBOX, Playstation4 and 5 and on PC.And we have players from The USA , Mexico or Spain and Europe>>> We hope you have a great time out there in RL !!!!! And join us if u want 🤣🎮🥽 *note that our players haven't got a profile on this website yet (maybe they won't ever do becuase they might not know about this)and they got in the team via(through) the game Rocket League or Discord.

12/01/2021 : I'm happy to announce that new members have been registered as being members of this team via the site : XyclerRL ,Xaxy#9365 ,aminesabi1234,GooseToast,SunnyKhanXMAS , Steazy.ACE


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